Clock Tower Ludhiana

Many People of Punjab are well aware of Clock tower located in Ludhiana but very few of them know the history of it.
Clock Tower Commonly known as Ghanta Ghar was built in Ludhiana by Britisher to emphasize the British rule in India and as tribute to the silver jubilee (25th year) of the regime of Queen Victoria.

In 1862, John Gordon the then Muncipal Chief Engineer of Amritsar designed the clock tower and he designed it in traditional European Gothis Style and constructed in red bricks.

Even though the construction began in 1862, it was officially inaugurated in the year 1906 by Sir Charles Montgomery, the then Lt. Governor of Punjab along with Diwan Tek Chand,the then deputy commissioner of Ludhiana

During the British era, an original clock was installed which was to be wound manually and due its wear and tear it was later replaced by an electronic clock.
There are many clock towers in Punjab, but the Ghanta Ghar of Ludhiana is still the most renowned one. Even today, the residents of the city use Ghanta Ghar to keep track of the time.
Today, the clock tower is looked after by the Municipal Corporation of Ludhiana. Due to the lack of proper maintenance, it is in a dilapidated condition.

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