Shri Harmandir Sahib

Golden Temple, Popularly known as Shri Harmandir sahib and Darbar sahib is located in Amritsar,Punjab.

Harmandir is conjuction of two words Har ( which means God) and mandir Which means (Temple), so harmandir sahib means temple of God.

The idea of construction of Harmandir sahib was given by Sikh’s fifth Guru,Guru Arjan Dev Ji. Guru conceived the idea to create a place where all can worship, he himself designed the architecture of temple.Amritsar (the tank of nector immortality ) was founded by Sikh’s fourth guru, Guru Ram Das in 1577 under the supervision of Baba Budha ji, Earlier the plan to excavate the holy tank was chalked by Third guru, Guru Amar Das ji but the execution of plan is done guru Ram das ji .The land for the site was earlier given to guru sahib on payment or free by the Zamidars (landlords) of native villages.

Later in December 1588, Guru Arjav Dev ji initiated the construction of gurdwara (means guru da dwar) on 1st magh 1588 and asked Hazrat Mian Mir to lay down the first stone of Gurudwara.

Later the consturction work was supervised by guru himself with the assistance of Baba Budha ji, Bhai Gurdas Ji, Bhai Sahlo ji and other many devoted Sikhs.

Guru ji asked the worker to build the temple at lower level with four gates, one in each direction (North, South, East and west) so that people from all direction and all community can come and worship here.

The construction work was completed in 1604 and guru arjan dev installed guru granth sahib in it and appointed Baba Budha ji as the first reader (Granthi) of it in 1604.

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