Veerandra – The Veteran Punjabi Star

Today we are going to talk about one of the famous Veteran Star of the Punjabi Film Industry who was the cousin of legendary star of bollywood Dharmendra, his name is Veerendra. Veerandra was in great demand in the punjabi film industry during the 80’s. Dharmendra and Veerandra were both born in same house in Phagwara and also Dharmendra completed his education while staying at Veerendra’s house with his family.

Born: 16 August 1948,Phagwara.
Assasinated: 6 December 1988 at Talwandi.
Spouse :Pammi Veerender.
Children: Randeep Arya, Ramandeep Arya and one daughter (Monica).

Veerandra was noted punjabi film actor,director and producer.In his 12 year film carrier he was the part of more than 25 films and some of the movies like Lambardarni  (1976) , Sarpanch (1982 ), Batwara (1983 ) and yaari jatt di  (1984 ) was directed and written by Veerandra himself.

Veerandra got married to Pammi on the same day when his cousin actor Kanwar Ajit Singh (brother of Dharmendra) got married to Usha. Both Usha and Pammi are sisters. Veerandra and Pammi had two sons Randeep Arya and Ramandeep Arya.

Later on, In December 6,1988 during the shoot of jatt te Zameen Movie he was assassinated on gunpoint. It is believed that his popularity among people made others in the film industry jealous and insecure,which led to his killing.

In 1998 Veerandra’s wife pammi Veerender kaur launched and directed her son Randeep arya in movie Dulha bhatti.

His son Randeep Arya is married to Deepti Bhatnagar and Ramandeep is married to Chandana sharma (the famous model and actress).

Some of the co stars believe that Veerandra never indulged in unwanted fights or disputes due to his peace loving nature. He liked a smooth and easy life despite him being in the film industry. We have found an interview with his younger son Ramandeep arya who is currently based in mumbai. For excerpts of interview visit ghaintpunjab site.


Sr. No. Name of the Film Year
1 Dushmani Dee Aag 1990
2 Jatt Te Zameen 1987
3 Vairi Jatt 1985
4 Guddo 1985
5 Ranjhan Mera Yaar 1984
6 Nimmo 1984
7 Jigri Yaar 1984
8 Yarri Jatt Di 1984
9 Laajo 1983
10 Jatt Soormey 1983
11 Sardara Kartara 1983
12 Batwara 1982
13 Rano 1982
14 Sarpanch 1982
15 Balbiro Bhabhi 1981
16 Khel Muqaddar Ka 1981
17 Lambardarni 1979
18 Kunwara Mama 1979
19 Saida Jogan 1979
20 Jindri Yaar Di 1978
21 Giddha 1978
22 Do Chehere 1977
23 Santo Banto 1976
24 Taakra 1976
25 Dharam Jeet 1975
26 Teri Meri Ik Jindri 1975

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